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Are you searching for a free downloadable and printable city map of Stockholm? Do you need a tourist map that can be saved as a PDF and includes all the top highlights you want to visit? Stop searching! We offer you the chance to design and download your own city map of Stockholm. A complete city guide that includes all the best things to see and do, including city highlights, restaurants, and top nightlife destinations! Your own personal tourist map of Stockholm also provides coordinates, reviews, and extra travel information.

Explore the charming 'Venice of the North' by wandering through the winding cobbled streets of the Old Town and crossing bridges between islands. Get up early to watch the morning sunlight on the water and the distinctly Scandinavian architecture of the beautifully maintained city. Have a meal in one of the world-class restaurants, bistros, delicatessens, or simply a coffee in one of the excellent cafes that can be found throughout. Stockholm is a city that provides a quality experience, from food to drinks, hotspots, and the general tourist experience. Discover the residences of the Swedish monarchy, visit the National Museum, or spend your evenings in cutting edge clubs. Stockholm is what you make it! With your personal tourist map navigate the city past the sights and tastes that you want to experience.

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