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Are you searching for a free downloadable and printable city map of Rome? Do you need a tourist map that can be saved as a PDF and includes all the top highlights you want to visit? Stop searching! We offer you the chance to design and download your own city map of Rome. A complete city guide that includes all the best things to see and do, including city highlights, restaurants, and top nightlife destinations! Your own personal tourist map of Rome also provides coordinates, reviews, and extra travel information.

Discover the many sides to the thriving city of Rome by selecting well-known highlights such as the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica as well as the best ice-cream or pizza, small bars, intriguing museums, parks, and nightclubs. With your own city guide you can successfully navigate the tourist trail on your own terms as well as discovering local favorites. When in Rome do as Romans do! After creating your own tourist guide, you have the option to have it sent to you, printed in high quality on A3, anywhere in the world.

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