How can I pay?
With Paypal, and with credit or debit card. It is possible to pay by card through the Paypal platform, even if you don't have a Paypal account.

Are there differences between the A4 pdf and the printed A3 map?
Yes, the A3 map includes more detail and legible street names. It is also obviously twice as large as the A4 pdf and can therefore include double the amount of details. We print the A3 map through a special printing service so that you receive beautiful, fuller colors, as well as a map made out of waterproof and untearable material.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Argentina 6-10 business daysAustralia 5-8 business daysAustria 2-3 business days
Bahrain 5-8 business daysBelgium 2-3 business daysBrazil 6-9 business days
Bulgaria 4-7 business daysCanada 3-6 business daysChile 6-10 business days
China 5-10 business daysColombia 6-10 business daysCosta Rica 5-10 business days
Croatia 5-8 business daysCyprus 4-7 business daysCzech Republic 3-5 business days
Denmark 2-3 business daysEgypt 7-8 business daysEstonia 4-6 business days
Finland 2-4 business daysFrance 2-3 business daysGermany 2-3 business days
Greece 3-6 business daysHong Kong 4-6 business daysHungary 3-5 business days
India 5-10 business daysIndonesia 4-9 business daysIreland 2-3 business days
Israel 4-5 business daysItaly 3-5 business daysJapan 4-6 business days
Jordan 4-8 business daysKuwait 5-8 business daysLatvia 3-6 business days
Liechtenstein 8-15 business daysLithuania 4-6 business daysLuxembourg 2-3 business days
Malaysia 1-30 business daysMalta 4-6 business daysMexico 5-10 business days
Monaco 2-3 business daysNetherlands 1-2 business daysNew Zealand 5-7 business days
Norway 2-4 business daysOman 5-8 business daysPanama 5-10 business days
Peru 6-10 business daysPhilippines 1-30 business daysPoland 2-5 business days
Portugal 1-30 business daysQatar 4-8 business daysRomania 4-7 business days
Russia 8-12 business daysSaudi Arabia 4-7 business daysSingapore 4-6 business days
Slovakia 3-5 business daysSlovenia 3-5 business daysSouth Africa 5-8 business days
South Korea 7-10 business daysSpain 3-5 business daysSweden 2-3 business days
Switzerland 2-3 business daysTaiwan 1-30 business daysThailand 5-9 business days
United Arab Emirates 6-9 business daysUnited Kingdom 2-3 business daysUnited States 3-6 business days
Uruguay 6-10 business daysVenezuela 1-30 business days

How long will the map last?
With normal usage the map will stay in good condition for 300 days - that is more than 60 city trips! We use special material so that the maps are 100% waterproof. As a result of the PVC material the maps are also difficult to scratch.

What information can I see on my map about my chosen hotspots?
The hotspots are numbered and match up on both the map on the front side and the information on the back, which is sorted into alphabetical order - so you can quickly find your hotspots! On the back of the map we provide the address of the spot, a short general description, the website, and opening times (if we have accurate information).

What is the maximum number of hotspots that I can add to my city map?
You can choose a maximum of 48 hotspots per city to add to your personal city map. With up to 24 hotspots we can show 3 lines of general information for each hotspot. If there are more than 24 hotspots then the general information is shortened.

Do you also send the maps in PDF format?
Our city maps are availabe in two paper formats:
- In A3 - the detailed version in top quality (which is sent by post).
- In A4 - the standard version (available as a digital download, but can be printed by the customer at home).

How detailed is the map?
The most important streets are always shown and parks and natural areas are shown in green. Water is blue.

What are the standard landmarks that will appear on the map?
Along with streets, squares, and parks, you will also find the most well-known landmarks in 3D images on your map. These generally include famous buildings and other popular tourist attractions or sights.

We want to make a map for a business event / conference - can you help us?
Yes, for an additional cost we can add the locations of your conference center, exhibition hall, event hall, or business hotel to the map. Subsequently you can fill your city map with hotspots from our database. Contact us for more information.

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