Copenhagen Map (PDF)

Are you looking for an appropriately modern way of navigating the modern city of Copenhagen? Look no further! With Suggestme, you can create your own personal PDF city map - just go to the Copenhagen map page and start clicking! Select all the sights you personally would live to visit during your trip, we have all the major things to do including the Little Mermaid Statue, Tivoli, the Nationalmuseet, and Christiana, as well as lesser-known bistros, seafood restaurants, stylish cocktail bars, galleries, and cultural projects. Once you have finished tailor-making your trip, your map is generated and emailed directly in PDF form.

Keep up with the crowd and use your smartphone or tablet offline to navigate Copenhagen. Our PDF maps are detailed and show every street, dead end, and bridges - making it quick and easy to traverse the waterways of this beautiful Scandinavian city.

How does it work

Suggestme is a site that lets you easily create your own personal city map. Start creating you personal map by selecting things to do as your favorites. When you're finished, go to My City Map and have your personal map sent to you anywhere in the world.

1) Add a place

Click on the star to add the place to your city map.

2) View Your City Map

All your places are stored under the "On My Copenhagen City Map" tab.

3) Send Your City Map

Have you finished creating your map? Then get your city map!