Boston Map (PDF)

Would you like to have your tourist map in handy PDF form? Look no further! Get your own personal PDF city map of Boston with Suggestme. Go to the Boston map page and search for all the spots and attractions that you would like to visit. Add all the major sights such as the Massachusetts State House, Faneuil Hall, Harvard Yard, Boston Public Library and more, as well as the best coffee shop, great live music venues, restaurants, and clubs. Once you have finished adding spots to you map, your map is generated and emailed directly to you.

Perfect for a 'technology' city such as Boston, a PDF map can be easily taken with you on your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer, it can still be used the old-fashioned way, printed out on paper. Our maps show ever single street, square, and dead end, making it easy for you to cut across Boston.

How does it work

Suggestme is a site that lets you easily create your own personal city map. Start creating you personal map by selecting things to do as your favorites. When you're finished, go to My City Map and have your personal map sent to you anywhere in the world.

1) Add a place

Click on the star to add the place to your city map.

2) View Your City Map

All your places are stored under the "On My Boston City Map" tab.

3) Send Your City Map

Have you finished creating your map? Then get your city map!