Put on your clogs, avoid death by bicycle, and discover the culture of this exciting city built on water.
Discover Amsterdam
Step back in time to historical whimsicality, among the beautiful architecture and customs of Antwerp.
Discover Antwerp
Climb mythical hills, explore dramatic ancient ruins, then head back to the chaotic present day of this thriving city.
Discover Athens
Fall into bustling Bangkok in a good mood to match that of your hosts - 'the friendliest people on earth'.
Discover Bangkok
Strut your stuff down La Rambla and enjoy this stunning city renowned for its Gaudian architecture and authentic Catalonian flavor.
Discover Barcelona
Jump from West to East, through a city of underground culture, curiosities, and history.
Discover Berlin
Walk the course of American history through the classic New England architecture of the academically renowned and quirky city of Boston.
Discover Boston
The international European capital is a backdrop for comic art, follow its route and indulge in childhood nostalgia.
Discover Brussels
A surprising city with two personalities, climb to the historic heights of Buda before descending into the flat plains of Pest.
Discover Budapest
Sail into København's harbor past the whimsical Little Mermaid statue and enjoy the hospitality of the 'happiest people on earth'.
Discover Copenhagen
Luxury, riches, relaxation, and splendor, the shining jewel of the Gulf.
Discover Dubai
Stumble over cobblestones and be welcomed into taverns by real Scottish hospitality.
Discover Edinburgh
Hide from the rain in a welcoming pub and try a Guinness, and then another, and another...
Discover Dublin
'Awayyego' to Glasgow, a city determined to have a good time.
Discover Glasgow
A wealthy and prosperous cultural jewel on the Elbe River, go out and play as darkness falls.
Discover Hamburg
The gateway to Asia has a turbulent and culturally rich history and is bursting determinedly into the twenty-first century.
Discover Istanbul
Explore at a relaxed tempo, being careful not to miss magical hidden corners and alleyways.
Discover Krakow
A historical treasure, eat your way though the gastronomical delights of this Iberian city, from classic seafood recipes, to delectable local pastries.
Discover Lisbon
Steeped in history, London is a thriving metropolis full of sights, surprises, and red buses!
Discover London
'Viva la vida loca' in the passionate and thriving Spanish capital - the European city that 'never sleeps'.
Discover Madrid
Shop 'til you drop in the fashion capital of Europe, then relax Italian-style over aperitivo.
Discover Milan
This raw city of contradictions is alive and thriving with achingly modern clubs, sleek shops, and contemporary art galleries.
Discover Moscow
New York
Take a bite of the Big Apple and discover New York, the city that never sleeps!
Discover New York
Quintessentially romantic, explore 'le gai Paris' by strolling hand-in-hand along boulevards and through hidden squares.
Discover Paris
Be stunned by the grace of Prague, the architecture and culturally-saturated Old Town before taking a moment to taste the best beer in Europe!
Discover Prague
With its foundations in millennia gone by, explore the remains of ancient Roman civilizations alongside present day edible delights!
Discover Rome
San Francisco
Be California cool, climb up out of the mist for breathtaking views of the bay, the city, and the signature Golden Gate Bridge.
Discover San Francisco
Built on islands, Stockholm is a modern city with characteristic architecture flattered by the clear skies and waterways of Scandinavia.
Discover Stockholm
Be whisked off to Venice to float past centuries of Italian culture and history.
Discover Venice
Full of the artistic temperament and grandeur of its musical roots, this 'city of dreams' is a shrine of art and culture.
Discover Vienna